A keepsake for your baby's helmet journey.

The perfect cuddly companion for your little one.

Each Tiny Noggins doll enhances a child's feeling of security and comfort with its extra soft feel. It is designed with a baby helmet on because we know how special it is for babies to have a doll that looks like them and not feel different.

Our dolls are made of soft fleece perfect for snuggling and soothing any child - they also sit easily on the nursery shelf! There are no detachable parts making the toy safe for your little one. 

Manufactured with safety in mind. Non-toxic and can pass the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and ASTM product lab tests.

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Thank you so much for coming up with this brilliant idea. A keepsake is what my baby needs for his helmet journey! Every baby who has cranial corrective helmet should have a Tiny Noggins doll! LOVE your company and your kindness!!

- Kym Hughes

What a great company with a mission. Your plushies are just the best choice for my twins because they are soft, they are safe and what more, sooo cute!!


I love everything about these dolls - from the quality of the materials to the customer service we experienced from the Tiny Noggins team! They are a small team of  moms and really care about their products! Thank you for raising awareness of flat head syndrome with your cute and cuddly dolls! LOVE.LOVE the helmets!

Kassandra, mom of ViVi and Luca

About toy safety.

Please note: The most important thing to remember about toy safety is to always supervise your babies when they are playing.

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Bluewave, the company that makes the first deodorizing/sanitizing machine for cranial helemts, is offering an exclusive opportunity to Tiny Noggins parents/followers to try the Bluewave technology in the comfort of their own homes. (YES! Bluewave will send you their cleaning device to try out at home during the course of your baby's helmet journey - for free!). Your feedback is invaluable and will help improve the product further.

As a token of appreciation, all participants will receive a $100 gift card. Furthermore, if your testimonial is selected to be used by Bluewave, you will receive a $250 gift card as a special bonus. No purchase required. Learn more >

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Thank you for helping us do our part to remind all kids are brave, strong, beautiful and loved. With every purchase you make, we’re proud to give positive affirmations multipurpose organic bags to schools and/or non-profit of our choice.

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